Quality Policy

White Goods and Automotive operating for main and sub-industry

The main goal of ENKA CIVATA ( ENKA BOLT)

To be a company preferred by the customer about sheet metal forming, world and to improve our production standards.

In this direction, all our employees; while fulfilling the legal regulations and requirements, the customer to meet the common goal to meet the conditions;

* To provide understanding and implementation of customer requests throughout the organization,

* To be in continuous improvement and development work,

* Adopting quality as a way of life,

* To do the work done correctly and right the first time,

* Our relationship with our customers and suppliers in the 'win-win' relationship between mutual goodwill and to execute on the basis of the principle of honesty,

* To ensure the satisfaction and development of our employees,

* To comply with the rules on occupational health and safety and to ensure compliance,

* To improve our environmental awareness and to be sensitive to the environment while carrying out our works,

* To adopt the principle of professional work in line with our modern, constantly evolving and progressive company structure,


* Our expert staff aims to meet and exceed the wishes of our customers.

We are ENKA CIVATA( ENKA BOLT ) as employees; Our policy mentioned above is continuous to implement in accordance with the principles of change and development and by all employees

We are committed to work so as to be an example for adoption.