Environmental Policy

As Enka Cıvata (Enka Bolt);

In our factories located in Gebze  Organized  Industrial Zone, “Automotive   and  White  Goods sheet Manufacturing, Stud, roof fasteners and Bolts and Gijon Coffee Production  activities are carried out to  determine the effects  that  may harm  the  environment  and  human health.  In addition to resenting   the  business  environment, we   aim  at  continuous  improvement.

For this purpose;

Fulfilling the national / international mandatory legal and other requirements,

Efficient use of Energy and Natural Resources, reduce consumption of natural resources,

Reduce waste generation and support recycling / recovery,

To determine the impacts that may cause environmental accidents before and take necessary measures,

To inform all our employees, suppliers, subcontractors and society on environmental issues and to ensure their implementation within the facility

Our basic principles.