Enka Bolt, Manufacturing and Industry Products Co. Inc., was  established in 1987. Besides bolts, nuts and sheet metal parts production, it also  continues its activities in the  field  of core  coffee  manufacturing,  coffee  machines and  automation machines in  food  sector.

Our company, which accepts the duty of giving the best service to its customers since 1987, is growing everyday with its expert staff and offers quality products to its customers at the best prices.Our company which keeps customer satisfaction and trust in the foreground is aiming to be better every day with its principle of quality and timely service.Our company, which has a staff of experts in its   field, provides   services   with a  conscious responsibility concept by researching technological innovations  and   giving   importance to education by continuously developing machinery equipments in parallel with technological developments. Our company gives importance to focus on technology services by targeting customer-oriented service concept, based on many years with experience and references in the sector has taken its place among the leading companies in Turkey.

In the first factory in Gebze Organized Industrial  Zone, sheet metal forming  processes   are carried out, white goods and automotive industries in the world  and Turkey's leading many companies to provides  Product  supply. Enka Bolt  is one  of the  leading  companies  in this sector with its trained  and  innovative  team, having  all  necessary  certificates in the sector, wide machinery park and flexible production processes.

In the second new production plant in Gebze Organized Industrial Zone, with the production of  fasteners, service  is   carried   out  to many  industrial  establishments together  with the distributorship of  the  most   leading   companies  in the  world. is  considered as a solution partner rather than a point of supply by its customers.

Another  area  of  activity   of   this   new   facility  is ; is a  core   coffee  and coffee machines organization which is growing and popular in our country every day.

Enka Bolt Since 2001, the world-famous   coffee   machine  EGRO  it is also the distributor in Turkey. In this regard, many of the world over the fields of care in modern and technological machines   were  imported  and  selected   coffee beans, the process prepared by the expert unknown  hand,  specially   processed,  roasted,  are  presented  by  Turkey's  biggest coffee consuming  review   and  quality   conscious   consumption   points to   EGRO  Coffee   brand.

With   the  Egro Cafe - Bistro - Restaurant,  which  is  planned  to  be  chained  by Egro brand, which has all the activities in the food sector, is planned to be in the food sector, with many different  tastes   from   the   world   cuisine. Has been  one of  the  most  talked  about  and preferred points. With its special meeting room, it makes a difference for those who want to organize a meeting.

Since 1987, our aim is to provide environmentally-conscious products with high added value. Best Quality.